The MegaMod is UQM-HD Remastered plus several mods rolled into one big "Mega" mod. Including the HD & HD-Remix mod, Nic's Extended mod, and my personal mods which make the HD portion of the game much more faithful looking than its previous counterparts. Also included are a few cheats and various options to have some fun with which are detailed on the Features page.

Download on Github


Optional content for the MegaMod ranging from voice fixes to HD only packages
A small tutorial on how to install these packages is provided on the Features page.

Basic Content
Base content for the MegaMod - Only needed if you're building the game from source.
HD Graphics package
3DO Voice content for the MegaMod
3DO Music (Remastered)
3DO Videos
Sol Textures (Mercury, Venus, Earth, etc)
Original Graphics
HD Graphics
Yellow F.R.I.E.D. (Kohr-Ah secondary weapon)
Original Graphics
HD Graphics
Volasaurus's Remix Pack
Re-voiced Utwig
Intro/Ending timing files for Remix music in the MegaMod*
Alternate Remix pack Hyper/Quasispace themes by Mark Vera*
Orange Peel Melnorme for HD
Soul Reaver's Fixes**

*Requires the Precursor Remix packs to be downloaded and enabled.

**Disclaimer: Soul Reaver's Mycon Voice fix and Syreen Video fix are already baked into the MegaMod.

3DO music and the Precursor's remixes can be downloaded at the main UQM website.

UQM in a different language?

3DO Voices Subtitles not synced
3DO Video

A few themes that I've remixed. Mainly for listening as they are not normalized for use in-game.

Available Downloads:

Tools and libraries to aid in compiling UQM yourself

Visual Studio 2015-2017
SDL 1.2.15 x86
SDL_Image 1.2.12 x86
Compiled Libraries
Zlib 1.2.11 for MinGW and Visual Studio
OggVorbis SDK
Zlib 1.2.8