Welcome to The BonePit

Here you will find the MEGAMOD, a mod that takes the best of the Ur-Quan Master's mods and rolls them up into one big "Mega" mod. Building upon the latest Ur-Quan Masters source code I've made an expansive mod which includes HD-mod, HD-Remix, Nic's Extended mod, and my personal mods which range from quality of life changes and extra modes to making the HD portions of the game look more faithful to the original design. Though not everything is going to be perfect and a few things will still stand out. I believe classic Star Control II fans will favor this version over the previous incarnation of the HD-mod.

If you've happened to reach this page by accident and have no idea what's going on, head on over to The Ur-Quan Masters project page. That way you can catch up on one of the best games from the early '90s.